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The aircraft engineering industry in New Zealand has a long and significant history. The primary function of AEANZ is to support and assist the professional development and growth of its existing members. AEANZ will represent a wide cross section of aircraft engineering by bringing together the engineering division of the AIA and SLAET, as one group, The Aircraft Engineering Association of New Zealand (AEANZ).


To provide membership to a broad section of industry, that covers the six main groups: Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul, Design, Avionic and Training.
  • Engineering organisations
  • Engineering training organisations
  • LAMEs
  • AMEs
  • Aeronautical design engineers
  • Aircraft engineering technicians
  • Associates
  • Trainees
  • Students
To establish regional groups and hold regular meetings where information can shared between members.


The elected committee will work within the governance framework of the AIA and to the AEANZ code of conduct. Industry sectors will be represented under the following rule parts.
  • Part 43 and 66.
  • Part 145
  • Part 146
  • Part 148
  • Training


To set up a dedicated web site with closed and open forums for safety, engineering and regulatory communication issues.
  • To establish a management regime that is effective in advancing the industry.
  • To provide a system of peer review and mentoring for engineering matter and business.
  • To provide a group of industry experts, to advise on engineering and regulatory issues.
  • To develop an efficient mechanism for dealing with regulatory issues.


Organisations, LAMEs, AMEs, Design engineers, trainees and students

Roles and responsibilities

The role of the elected chairman, deputy chairman and committee, is to support and assist the members in the relevant areas of their rule expertise and to support members in business development and regulatory issues.

The responsibility of the elected chair, deputy chair and committee is to provide assistance to existing and new members, and to ensure that all members’ best interests are met and that they are within the code of conduct and constitution.

The responsibility for all members is to act within the AIA constitution and AEANZ code of conduct.


Initially to use the executive of the AIA office and when revenue streams are sufficient to put on a part time dedicated AEANZ executive.


From existing subscriptions, additional member subscriptions, sales of advertising and AEANZ developed STC’s.

Quality plan

AEANZ will operate to an ISO 9001 (2008) format.


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