Conduct and Professional Standards


     AEANZ members:

  1.  Shall promote and maintain high levels of aviation safety, work place health and safety and hold paramount the safety, health, and welfare of all engage in or with the aviation industry.
  2. When conducting their work will exercise all reasonable professional skill and care and at all times provide an adequate level of supervision.
  3. Shall only undertake or approve professional tasks for which they are competent.
  4. Shall encourage and assist others in their learning, competence and professional development.
  5. Shall avoid harming the reputation or employment of others by false or malicious actions and by their comments or actions not bring the AEANZ or the AIA into ill repute.
  6. Shall perform to the best of their knowledge and abilities, providing highest standards of work at a reasonable price.
  7. Shall at all times follow the specified procedures, regulations and laws.
  8. Shall reject bribery and attempts from others to persuade them in any way to approve aircraft or equipment as airworthy against their better judgment.
  9. Shall provide all information relevant to safety matters and acknowledge their errors.
  10. Shall respect employer’s, organization’s or customer’s property.
  11. Shall issue no statements, criticisms, or arguments on technical matters that are inspired or paid for by interested parties.
  12. Shall continue their professional development throughout their careers and should keep current with technical advancements and in their specialty fields, by engaging in professional practice, participating in continuing education courses, reading in the technical literature, and attending professional meetings and seminars.
  13. Shall not promote personal interest at the expense of the dignity and integrity of the profession.
  14. Shall not distort or alter the facts.
  15. Shall not falsify their qualifications or permit misrepresentation of their or their associates’ qualifications. They shall not misrepresent or exaggerate their responsibility in or for the subject matter of prior assignments.
  16. Shall disclose all known or potential conflicts of interest that could influence or appear to influence their judgment or the quality of their services.
  17. Shall be objective and truthful in professional reports, statements, or testimony. They shall include all relevant and pertinent information in such reports, statements, or testimony, which should bear the date indicating when it was current.
  18. Having knowledge of any alleged violation of this Code shall report thereon to the AEANZ executive.
  19. Shall not reveal facts, data, or information without the prior consent of the client or employer except as authorized or required by law or this Code.
  20. Shall conduct themselves honourably, responsibly, ethically, and lawfully so as to enhance the honour, reputation, and usefulness of the AEANZ.


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