Why is AEANZ doing this?
It is AEANZ's view that the current reporting system is not working due to concerns over how data is used by the CAA and that this is having a direct impact on safety outcomes and flow of information.

Why should I fill out this form?
The more data that we receive the better the database will be and ultimately will lead to better information sharing in the Engineering sector.

Does this form replace the 005D?
No, this form does not overide the requirement to complete a 005D as per the CAA Rules. However, we recognise that some defects are not being reported due to concerns as to how these reports will be used. This is a confidential way of reporting these defects.

What format is being used?
The majority of data in the defect reporting form is the same as that in the NZCAA 005D. The only difference is that no details are required that will identify the reporter.

Do I have to fill in all the details?
No, just fill in what you feel is necessary and if you are concerned about being identified by a specific entry then don't enter the data in that particular field.

How confidential is this system?
When you submit a form it is entered onto a database online. The data from this database is downloaded on a regular basis into an excel file and the online data is then deleted.

Can my IP address be used to trace the report back to me?
No, because the online data is deleted and there is no online back up of this data provided. The downloaded excel file does not include your IP address.

What about any documents I upload?
You need to make sure that you remove any identifying material from these before you upload them, or do not provide them.

How can I search for a specific defect in the database?
You can download the excel spreadsheet from here and search using normal excel functions.

What other resources are there?
Both FAA and CASA provide Service Defect Reporting systems as well as other regulatory bodies


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