Stage one:
Develop a matrix on EASA/NZ licence requirements to identify gaps

The working group consists of:
  • Bruce Robertson
  • John Cook
  • Mike Chubb
  • Maurice Gordon
  • Wally Sturgeon
  • Andy Lynn
  • Mark Price CAA (TBC)


Mark Price (CAA) made a presentation at conference on this subject to get discussions started and it was recognised that a change is required in order to keep up with the rest of the world.

CASA are changing by mid 2011 to a Part 66 licence that mirrors EASA. EASA is now followed by the majority of countries in the world having taken over from the FAA.

A working group has been formed by AEANZ to look at the existing license structure and work with the CAA to meet the requirements of an EASA 66 license.

More information will be made available as it becomes available.


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